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Color Trends for the Workplace

Psychologists have long confirmed what we all experience—that color affects how we feel. Put yourself in a drab space with colorless surroundings, and you’ll find it harder to generate great ideas. Try to rest while facing a red accent wall, and your mind resists relaxation.

Designers and business leaders can promote productivity and employee wellbeing by choosing office colors that fit the work mode of a given space—whether it’s social connection, creative collaboration, or focus and rejuvenation.

If you’re exploring office paint colors or selecting new furniture colors, consider how three trending shades—greens, yellows and pinks—can support workers by influencing the mood of the space.




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Safety: The safety industry is growing rapidly. From Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), like eye protection, to facility safety products, like "wet floor" signs, this category covers all of the bases!

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Color in the Modern Office by John Hamilton, Coalesse Director of Design

Color is an especially powerful and emotional part of design. Everything in the world has color. Everyone responds to color. When we apply color to a space, it can change the mood, application and purpose of the space. 
How does color impact our relationship with the physical space around us?
I’ve always felt that color and materiality go hand-in-hand. They can calm us down or energize us. Depending on the colors in any built space, you can evoke both physical and emotional reactions to the palette from the people who inhabit the spaces. 
If you’re trying to make a space that feels calm, relaxing, rejuvenating, a space where you may go to focus, you might consider colors that are deeper, cooler and something that people respond to as if they were in a quieter, more natural space. 
If you were trying to create a space about energy and collaboration even socialization, you might choose colors that are brighter, lively, have more energy to them to get people up and interacting with each other. 
Why is color important in today’s workplace?

Today, many products are described as feeling very corporate. What’s exciting, is using color and materiality in a way that takes these high performing products that are designed for the workplace but design them so that they don’t feel like they are high performing products designed for the workplace. Materiality is a nice way of doing that. It’s a way in which you and present something in a way that feels like it’s from somewhere else but functions and works for the workplace.