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Healthcare Furniture: The Silent Hero in Hospitals and Clinics

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Health-care associated infections (HAIs) are infections patients acquire in the hospital while receiving medical treatment. An estimated 722,000 HAIs occur in U.S. hospitals every year, and over 10% of those patients die during their hospitalizations. In an effort to combat these infections, hospitals implement prevention practices.
These prevention practices include buying the right type of furniture for the healthcare environment.Since most HAIs are transmitted through contact with microbe-infected hospital objects, implementing specially designed furniture can reduce these infections by 70 percent.
But, within this new construction, what makes a piece of furniture “the right kind” to play a role in infection control?
For starters, it's materials.
When seats are covered in standard fabrics, bodily fluids or spills may seep right into the foam and become a breeding ground for germs. However, should furniture be upholstered with appropriate material, the risk of HAIs decreases. Vinyls and polyurethanes are both impenetrable to liquids — ensuring the foam within stays protected — and drastically reduces the risk of infection through environmental microbial transmission.
In addition to vinyls and polyurethanes, another appropriate fabric option for healthcare includes Crypton, a blended, water-resistant upholstery. Along with Crypton, Nano-Tex, an upholstery treatment that provides a spill and stain-resistant finish, and DuraBlock, a moisture barrier that goes beneath regular upholstery, are available alternatives effective in preventing moisture from reaching the foam.  

The Edge Desk

Ergonomic Adjustable Kneeling Desk
All-In-One Desk Solution for Modern Life and Work

·    Encourages proper upright sitting posture
·    Comes fully assembled
·    Can be deployed in under 30 seconds
·    Work surface can adjust from a flat desk to an easel
·    Frame provides a handle to easily take your Edge Desk with you anywhere
·    Weighs under 33lbs and collapses to 6" in seconds

All-in-one versatile desk solution for modern life and work. The Edge Desk is an ergonomic, portable adjustable kneeling desk that comes fully assembled and sets up in less than 30 seconds. This sit/kneeling desk is fully adjustable for a wide range of body types and heights. You have the ability to adjust the height, angle, and tilt of the desk to suit your individual need. The Edge Desk removes pain and pressure from your back and keeps you in a comfortable upright position, encouraging proper posture. The comfortable support provided by The Edge Desk helps to reduce fatigue and helps increase productivity and energy. It weighs under 33lbs and collapses to 6" in seconds, making it easy to store or take with you anywhere. The Edge Desk's simplicity allows for a wide range of customers: artists, students, business professionals and freelancers. From the office to home and even outside, to schools and universities, the Edge Desk is the perfect ergonomic solution to fit your need.
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Health & Wellness in the workplace is in focus for 2019! Giving your employees the right Ergonomic Products in the workplace increases productivity and decreases neck, back, and other health issues that cause employees to not be at their best.

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Sound Solutions for Everyone

For far too long, sound absorbing solutions and acoustic panels have been out of reach for most small and mid-size businesses – available only for the Fortune 500 or those with no concern for budget. No more! GBP Direct together with Loftwall products now offers a thoughtfully curated, responsibly sourced, range of acoustic panels for any budget, project, and taste. Read on…

A-küs-tik is options. A-küs-tik is color. A-küs-tik is sound dampening for the masses. A-küs-tik is your respite from normal in a sea of ordinary offices that leave employees uninspired, de-motivated and drained by the workday. Inject life into your space with custom laser-cut patterns, and a range of colors. If that isn’t enough, A-küs-tik is also great for the environment — made from recycled water bottles and 100% recyclable.